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The basic PPP login sequence looks like this:
Receive Send
ogin: your username
word: your password
? 2


Sample scripts for Linux and Windows95:

Other configuration details:

Web, port 8080
News, port 119
Phone Number(02) 4954 8168
Direct NumbersFor use in case of modem failure (ringout)
4954 7214
4954 7301
4954 7309
4954 7360


Your e-mail address is:
(don't forget to replace username with your username)

If you want to host a more full-featured mailing-list, we also run Majordomo. You should contact the Majordomo Owner for more information.

Usenet News

Our newsfeed contains only those groups which have been requested by members, but our active file (i.e., list of groups) is quite a lot larger.

If there is a group you would like to read but we do not currently receive it, ask the Newsmaster.

We also receive a feed of Usenet II. These are the "net.*" groups, and cover a fairly wide range of topics.
Please read the Usenet 2 rules before posting.

To make a homepage

  1. Telnet to

  2. Log in with your username and password

  3. Enter the following commands:

  4. mkdir ~/public_html

  5.  chmod 755 ~/public_html ~

  6. Put your web pages, graphics, et al into your public_html directory
  7. If you want your main page to display automatically then name it index.html

Now you have your own homepage at:
It will have a link from the Hunter "Member Pages" page within about 12 hours.

To make a public FTP directory

  1. Telnet to

  2. Log in with your username and password

  3. Enter the following commands:

  4. mkdir ~/public_ftp 

  5.  chmod 755 ~/public_ftp ~ 

  6. Put whatever you want people to be able to get by FTP into your public_ftp directory
  7. To make an index for your ftp space, create a file called 00index using the format:
    NameOfFileOrDirectory (NO spaces, one or more Tabs) description

Now you have your own ftp space at and it can be accessed using a HTML interface at

NB: This FTP directory won't be accessible for up to two hours, but once it's been recognised any changes made in the directory will take effect immediately.

You can browse and search the ftp archives at


If after following all the directions in this configuration file you still have problems connecting, these setup tutorials may help you.

If you are able to connect but suffer frequent disconnections then try modifying your modem init string by adding %E2-K1-Q1 and/or attempting a K-connect (in place of ATDphone number enter ATDKphone number in your terminal window during manual connects) to enable MNP10 error correction mode.

If all else fails contact the Regional Co-ordinator by email or by phone on 4954-8912 or email theAdmin Team for help.

Mon Jan 22 19:54:14 2001