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Hunter APANA can arrange ADSL for its members at discount rates. ADSL can be over 10 times faster than an analogue modem connection (even faster, compared to our 33.6k analogue lines). ADSL is an "always on" connection. This means you never need to "dialup" to establish your connection, it is always there when you need it, saving you money on phone calls.

You will need an ADSL modem or router, your home telephone line to be converted to support ADSL and possibly a line filter/splitter.

If your computer is running Windows 98 or above, and has a spare USB port, probably the most reliable ADSL modem is the D-Link DSL-200 modem. These are available from many electrical retailers, such as Dick Smith, Tandy and Harvey Norman (just to name some), and generallly cost around $120-150. Line filters are available from electrical retailers also and cost around $20. Other modem/router options are also possible, the D-Link website makes a good starting point.

When using the DSL-200, we recommend you make sure you are using the latest driver for it, which can be downloaded from the D-Link website, (just follow the "Drivers" link at the bottom of their homepage.

ADSL Options and Rates

For more information, or to initiate your ADSL connection, please email Hunter's Regional Committee.