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  1. Press 'Start' (menu screen appears)
  2. Go to 'Connect to' option - click on 'Show All Connections'.
  3. Create a new connection (press next)
    • Connect to the Internet (next)
    • Setup my connection manually (next)
    • Connect using a dialup modem (click selection)
    • Type new name for connection i.e. Hunter APANA (next)
    • Type phone number i.e. 49548168 (next)
    • Internet Account Info (leave blank)
    • "Make this account name a password when anyone connects from this computer" (leave option blank)
    • "Make this my default Internet connection" (select)
    • "Turn on Firewall for this connection" (select then next)
    • "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" (select then finish)
  4. Go to Properties
    • Click on Configure (under Connect using ...{can't read his writing})
    • Maximum speed 115200 bps
    • Hardware Features:
      • Enable Hardware Flow
      • Enable modem error control
      • Enable modem compression
      • Enable modem(?) speaker
    • "Show icon in notification area when connected" (select)
  5. Go to Options
    • "Display Progress when connecting" (select)
    • "Include windows login domain" (select)
    • "Prompt for phone number" (select)
    • "Redial attempts" (1)
    • "Time between redial attempts" (5)
    • "Redial if line dropped" (select)
    • (click OK)
    • Security
      • Typical (select)
      • "Show Terminal window" (select)
      • (click OK)
    • Networking
      • Internet Protocol (select TCP/IP)
      • Type of Dialup network I am calling from:
      • PPP: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 (select)
      • Settings:
        • Select first two (click OK)
      • Properties (click)
        • Obtain IP address automatically
        • Use the following DNS server
          Preferred DNS server
          Alternate DNS server
      • Advanced (click)
          • Use default gateway on remote (select)
          • Use IP header compression (select)
          • Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes (select)
          • Append parent suffixes of primary DNS suffixes (select)
          • Enable LMHosts setup (select)
          • Disable Netbios over TCP/IP (select) Advanced
            • Protect my computer and network (select)
            • (click OK)
  6. Dial...

After you've connected open IE and setup your connection (if you are setting up a new IE connection make sure to select 'Connect using a LAN') under 'Tools/Internet Options':

Home page:

Security: Internet Privacy: (Whatever you care to make it, but some sites won't let you in if you don't 'accept all cookies')

Connections: Click LAN Settings...

Open Outlook Express and go to Tools/Accounts/All press Add and use the wizard to create your email account.

Allow OE to use the same Internet Connection setup as's the default so you shouldn't need to change anything....but it's under Tools/Options if you need to.