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Thanks to...

Andrew Glazebrook
- for his donation of 7 modems & 3 fax filters.
Gavin Condon
- for always being around to fix problems with the network when it was most needed.
Ross Slade
- for his donation of a STACK of spare parts.
Craig Pickering
- for tirelessly maintaining our network for us as the previous Leader of the Admin Team.
Charles Brady
- for his donation of 2 modems.
Leonard McCarthy
- for his donation of a Pentium including monitor & keyboard.
Marc Walters
- for his donation of an ethernet card for cray.
Peter Longworth
- for his donation of a 486 for spare parts.
Sonia & Damien Miller (members of OzAutism)
- for their donation of 2 Pentium motherboards, 2 Pentium CPUs and 72pin RAM.
Michael & Diane Bramble
- for their donation of multiple Pentium spare parts for the region.
Tony Keymel
- for his donation of a Pentium motherboard.
Ross Slade
- for his donation of 6GB drive for bombadil, two modems and Pentium box for cray including CD-ROM drive.
Alan Gillanders
- for his donation of HEAPS of spare parts for the region.
Jason Mulligan
- for the donation of a CD-ROM Drive for niggle.
Gavin Condon
- for the donation of a modem and loan of his UPS.
Andrew Glazebrook
- for previously hosting the hub; the previous loan of his equipment; donation of 2 modems and all the other things he has done to keep the rest of us on the right track.
Chris Baird
- for his donation of 500MB drive for the new cray; donating the original cray and an A-drive for giles; making the 4-port cables; for talking Carolyn into buying her first modem 9 years ago, and for all the long hours, hard work and financial support he's given to APANA since 1991.
Carolyn Baird
- hosting our hub; donating a 500MB drive for the new cray; donating niggle; kicking ass when necessary and being a great second mum.
Craig Pickering and Gavin Condon
- for not only keeping the system running but constantly enhancing its operation and most importantly of all for hauling Carolyn out of the hot seat whenever there's a problem.
Ben Eisel and Andrew Glazebrook
- for their help adminning, pointing out security issues and misconfigurations, fielding techsupport..
Matt McLeod
- for having lead by example, and having done a damn good job.
Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox and the rest of the Linux kernel crew
- your GPL OS rocks our nads, and we love you.
Bob Beck
- smtpd is brilliant where sendmail fails.

Last updated 10th May 2001