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This document describes the function and duties of the positions on the Hunter APANA Regional Committee (R.C.). Please note that anyone with a specific position is also a General Member. It also lists standard format for R.C. Agendas and Minutes.


Regional Coordinator

Creates and e-mails draft agenda for bimonthly R.C. meetings (e-mailed to Hunter Members List) before meeting. Chairs R.C. meetings and has deciding vote in case of ties. Also responsible for e-mailing minutes of R.C. meetings to Hunter members List.

Management Committee Representitive

Writes and e-mails report in advance on Hunter APANA for APANA Management Committee (M.C.) meetings. Also writes and e-mails Annual Report on Hunter APANA for APANA AGM. Attends M.C. meetings (currently held over the phone), votes on decisions.

Deputy Regional Coordinator

Chairs R.C. meetings when Regional Coordinator is unable to. In the absence of the Deputy Regional Coordinator, a General Member will be picked to chair the meeting.

General Member

Attends R.C. meetings, helps to formulate policies and votes on motions.


  1. Date & Time
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes Reviewed from Previous Meeting
  4. Previous Business
  5. Financial & Membership Report
    (Regional Co-ordinator)
  6. Equipment Status & Function, Admin Team Report
    (Admin Team Leader)
  7. Expenditure
    (Purchasing Officer)
  8. Complaints & Compliments from Members
  9. Business arising from Reports
  10. New Business
  11. Set Date & Time for Next Meeting